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Dog Hair Dryer, Professional High Velocity Pet Blower, Adjustable Airflow

Dog Hair Dryer, Professional High Velocity Pet Blower, Adjustable Airflow

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My Pet Command's commercial-grade quality Dog Hair Dryer for your pet is a 110v portable and adjustable hot/cold airflow, high-velocity blower yet very quiet.  

  • [dog dryer] Impressive drying power, probably the quietest dog hair blower in the world. Professional premium salon style unit made for home or commercial use. Designed for your pet so you can be their favorite professional groomer. Latest noise reducing tech with a user-friendly design
  • [dog blower] Powerful drying for all pets: Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds, from small to large, short-haired to long-haired. Low-noise operation ensures a stress-free grooming experience for both you and your dog. Deshedding and grooming brush helps to remove loose hair and tangles while promoting healthy skin and coat
  • [pet blower] Fast, easy and efficient dog dryers for grooming, even for thick-coated dogs. Easily switch between hot and cold air settings and control airflow with convenient speed adjustment. This dog blow dryer comes with a long premium hose with a quick locking system which extends up to 7.7 FT (2.4m) with a long 7.6 FT (2.3m) power cord allowing you to have easy access and place the dryer away from your pets to offer them an amazing grooming experience
  • [dog hair dryer] Highest power with the lowest noise levels, 10% greater airflow than other single motor dryers. This quiet high velocity pet blower is made to dry your pets in no time at all as well as blowing out undercoats for deshedding, freeing you up from endless hours of grooming, variable wind air flow (82-164 Ft/s) and full temperature control (59-129 F) at your fingertips which allows you to fully adjust air speed and temperature control
  • [pet hair dryer] Bonus, 4 essential attachments included at no extra cost; (1)Pet hair dryer with extendable long premium hose (4) easy to attach Nozzles (1) Pet Grooming Brush (1) User manual. 1 Year Manufacturer warranty. Our USA headquarters is located in Texas so make contact with us for any support or help you may need

Product Specification

Feature Specifications
Product Name Dog Hair Dryer / Pet Hair Dryer/blower
Power 500W-2800W, 4.5HP
Voltage 110V (60 Hz)
Airflow Adjustable Hot/Cold
Blower Type High-velocity, Portable
Noise Level Probably the quietest dog hair blower in the world
Suitable For Dogs of all sizes and breeds (Small to Large, Short-haired to Long-haired)
Hose Length 7.7 FT (2.4m) with a quick-locking system
Power Cord Length 7.6 FT (2.3m)
Air Speed 82-164 Ft/s (25-50 M/s)
Temperature Control 59-129°F (15-54°C)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Are you looking for a professional high-quality Pet Dryer to use on your dogs or Cats?


Do you need to give your pets a powerful quick drying and grooming experience?


Do you spend Hours on drying and grooming your pets?


Our Answer: - My Pet Command 500W-2800W 4.5HP High quality professional hair Dryer made for home or commercial use is the perfect solution


Our Dryer Bundle addresses the most common problems in pet drying and grooming


with both hot and cold air flow, adjustable air speed and adjustable temperature control. With easy to attach and quick lock system, connect the Hose to the dryer which will extend up to 7.7 FT (2.4M). comes with 4 easy to attach nozzles to suit your drying experience and have your pets dry in no time! My Pet Command Pet Dryer comes with:-

500W-2800W 4.5HP powerful professional unit made for home or commercial use

•Adjustable and fixed air Speed Knob control with air speed 82Ft/s-164Ft/s (25M/s-50M/s)

•Adjustable temperature control for both hot and cold air with built in Heater 86F-158F (30 Deg Cel-70 Deg Cel) •Long Hose with quick locking system extends up to 7.7 FT (2.4m) with long 7.6 FT (2.3m) power cord


Comes with 4 different Nozzle attachments and bonus Grooming brush Designed for exceptional drying and grooming with full control at your fingertips, it’s the only pet dryer you should trust for your pets.


See for yourself the difference between My Pet Command newest model and the competition Buy today with confidence thanks to immediate customer support help and 12-month warranty. Contact My Pet Command USA Headquarters out of Texas for any help or support you may need. Click “Add to Cart” Now!

Use Cases

Use Cases of My Pet Command's Dog Hair Dryer:

Quick Drying After Bathing:

Scenario: Your dog has just had a bath, and you want to ensure quick and efficient drying to prevent discomfort and minimize the risk of skin issues.

Solution: Use the My Pet Command Dog Hair Dryer to swiftly dry your pet's fur, thanks to its high-velocity airflow and adjustable temperature control.

Reducing Shedding and Deshedding Sessions:

Scenario: Your furry friend tends to shed a lot, and you want to minimize loose hair around your home and on your pet.

Solution: Employ the pet dryer's powerful blowing capabilities to remove undercoats and loose hair, reducing shedding and making deshedding sessions more effective.

Stress-Free Grooming Experience:

Scenario: Your pet is sensitive to loud noises, and traditional dryers cause stress during grooming sessions.

Solution: Utilize the My Pet Command's low-noise operation feature for a calm and stress-free grooming experience, ensuring your pet remains comfortable throughout.

Professional Grooming at Home:

Scenario: You want to provide professional-level grooming for your pet without the hassle and cost of frequent visits to a groomer.

Solution: With the adjustable air speed, temperature control, and included grooming brush, you can achieve salon-quality grooming at home using My Pet Command's Dog Hair Dryer.

Grooming Thick-Coated Dogs:

Scenario: Your dog has a thick coat that takes a long time to dry, making grooming sessions time-consuming.

Solution: Benefit from the high-velocity airflow and variable temperature settings to efficiently dry thick-coated dogs, making grooming sessions faster and more convenient.

Commercial Pet Grooming Services:

Scenario: You operate a pet grooming business and need reliable equipment for efficient and professional services.

Solution: My Pet Command's Dog Hair Dryer, designed for both home and commercial use, offers the power and features necessary for high-quality grooming services.

Versatile Drying for Different Breeds:

Scenario: You have multiple pets with varying sizes and coat types, and you need a versatile dryer to cater to each one.

Solution: The adjustable settings and nozzle attachments make it easy to customize the drying experience for different breeds and sizes, ensuring optimal results for each pet.

Post-Outdoor Adventures Cleanup:

Scenario: After outdoor activities, your pet gets dirty, and you want to quickly clean and dry them without a full bath.

Solution: Use the My Pet Command Dog Hair Dryer to remove dirt and moisture, keeping your pet clean and comfortable between regular bathing sessions.

Gentle Drying for Sensitive Areas:

Scenario: Your pet has sensitive areas such as ears or face that need extra care during the drying process.

Solution: Adjust the air speed and temperature to lower settings for gentle drying around sensitive areas, ensuring a comfortable experience for your pet.


Q: What is a dog hair dryer, and why should I consider using one for my pet?
A: A dog hair dryer is a grooming tool designed to efficiently dry and groom your pet's fur. It helps in quick drying, reduces shedding, and promotes a healthy coat.


Q: How does a pet dryer differ from a regular human hair dryer?
A: Pet dryers, especially those designed for dogs, are equipped with features like adjustable temperature, high velocity, and specific nozzles for effective drying and grooming, unlike regular hair dryers.


Q: Why choose a high-velocity dog dryer for my pet?
A: High-velocity dog dryers provide powerful airflow, significantly reducing drying time. They are especially effective for thick-coated dogs and help in deshedding.

Q: Is this dog blow dryer suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?
A: Yes, our dog blow dryer is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds, from small to large, short-haired to long-haired.


Q: Can a pet hair dryer help with deshedding my dog's coat?
A: Absolutely. A quality pet hair dryer, especially those with high velocity, can effectively blow out undercoats, reducing shedding and keeping your pet's coat healthy.


Q: What are the key features to look for in a high-quality pet hair dryer?
A: Look for adjustable temperature control, high velocity, low noise operation, and additional features like grooming brushes and various nozzles for a versatile grooming experience.


Q: How does the noise level of these pet dryers impact my pet's grooming experience?
A: Low-noise operation ensures a stress-free grooming experience for both you and your pet. It's especially beneficial for pets that may be sensitive to loud sounds.

Q: Can I use this pet dryer for commercial grooming purposes?
A: Yes, our pet dryers are designed for both home and commercial use. They offer professional-grade performance for groomers.


Q: Are there any safety considerations when using a dog hair dryer?
A: Always follow the guidelines. Ensure the temperature is suitable for your pet, and avoid directing the airflow too closely to sensitive areas like the eyes and ears.


Q: How can I contact customer support for my pet dryer?
A: For immediate customer support or assistance, you can contact us at [Customer Support]. We are here to help with any questions or concerns about your dog hair dryer.


User Manual/Guide [PDF]


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Sometimes the attachments Screw off from main Hose so here is Video on how to Screw them Back on


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